Dean Snell Proudly Presents his Latest Creation


Photo Credit: Peter Pereira, The Standard Times

A Conversation With Dean Snell:

The Golf Ball Guru Creates His Own Premium Brand.

Posted by: Rick Parnham


The highly competitive golf ball market has a new kid on the block. Well, not necessarily a new kid since the name behind this newest player in the dimpled sphere scene is the same one behind some of the biggest brands in the industry.

Dean Snell may not be the most recognized name in the golf industry, but his name is on dozens of patents that have lead to the creation of many of the most popular golf balls in recent decades.  The man behind the design of the Pro V series and other balls for Titleist, as well as the TaylorMade collection, has left the corporate golf giants and formed his own niche company built on the philosophy of providing the everyday golfer with premium balls without the premium price.  Using a direct-to-customer business model, Snell Golf began operations out of New Bedford, Massachusetts in the spring of 2015, marketing two ball options, the My Tour Ball and Get Sum balls.

When asked why he left the corporate world to enter the fray on his own, he responded with, "I have always thought about my own company and providing consumers with a premium ball at a great price. With the last of my children graduating from college and the restructuring in the corporate world, the time seemed right to head back to the east coast and get the business going with the help of family and friends. The initial start-up went well with so many industry people curious to try the product stamped with the name Snell and what it represents to golf ball design."

Snell quickly found a challenge in his supply chain to Canadian consumers. With exchange rates, customs and logistical issues making it difficult to get the product in the hands of Canadian golfers, Snell set out to find a solution. A chance meeting at a golf event in Florida lead to the founding of Snell Golf Canada. Playing in a member-guest day, Dean Snell and Kingston-area businessman, Ron Stenzl, struck up a conversation that eventually lead to the creation of a Canadian division of Snell Golf. The northern extension of the company was launched in the spring of 2016. Headquartered in the Kingston area, Snell Golf Canada President Ron Stenzl, and his team, have set out to continue the great start Snell has made in the U.S. by supplying these top-quality balls to Canadian duffers.

With decades in R&D with the giants of the corporate golf world, Snell left his position with TaylorMade and designed a line of balls upon which he was proud to put his own name. The company’s business model aims to reduce overhead costs and ensure an affordable product by selling directly to the consumer via the company’s online store, avoiding customary retail mark-up. Snell adds that keeping expenses low benefits the golfer looking for great value. "They cost the same to manufacture as the other brands, we just aren't spending the millions on product endorsement deals and marketing, passing on the savings to the consumer.”

Having the opportunity to work with many of the names at the top of the world rankings for the past couple decades, Snell began his revolutionary design changes with the help of Tiger and Phil. Recent Olympic Gold Medalist, Justin Rose and World Number One, Jason Day, are mentioned as invaluable by Snell for their unsolicited feedback related to long irons and approaches. He credits Sergio Garcia as being his go-to for the short game aspects of his designs and has developed a close friendship with him over the years.  Working with the game's greatest players has provided Snell with the ability and know-how to create a ball that will give the best results to the greatest number of players.


The resulting My Tour Ball, a 3-piece, tour-calibre design is intended for low handicappers and players looking for a high degree of feel for shot-making, has very much the same characteristics as the Pro V1, Pro v1X and Tour Preferred brands.  A great compliment is the Get Sum, a 2-piece ball designed for higher handicap players that provides an exceptional soft feel and less spin. Both are a terrific addition to the options available in this multi-million dollar industry.  

A former elite hockey player and life-long Boston Bruin fan, Snell is pleased with the response to his designs from golfers.  He is excited to see the business grow not only in North America, but has also been working on subsidiaries in Japan and Europe to satisfy the demands there as well. Using his expertise and vision to create his own namesake line of premium golf balls, he has given golfers access to a tour calibre product without the high retail costs associated with other brands. A 9-handicap golfer himself, Dean Snell has taken his degrees in plastic engineering, chemistry and math and used them to become the most recognizable name in golf ball design. Snell Golf is hopeful that name is emblazoned on a greater share of golf balls around the world as word travels about the quality and affordability of these premium designs. Snell golf balls can be purchased online at